Tattoo Removal in Melbourne





Laser tattoo removal is basically a complete, safe, non-invasive cosmetic procedure that is performed for removing tattoo ink from the skin by way of a advanced pulsed  laser beam.

The treatment is done by utilizing pulses which are aimed on the tattooed part of the skin using high-precision laser beam. It will break the ink into microscopic particles, allowing the body to dispose of it through normal lymphatic process. The laser treatment will not cause any bleeding because your own antibodies are the ones responsible for removing the ink particles out of the body.

Are there any factors that need to be considered for this treatment? What are they, if any?

Yes. There are some important factors which you will have to keep in mind before tattoo-removal-girlyou finally consider getting a laser tattoo removal treatment promptly. The colors used for the tattoo, the age of your skin, location, the type of application to be used, and the area size covered by the tattoo all need to be considered before anything else. The most difficult tattoos to remove are the newer ones.

How long will the entire treatment take?

Everything depends on the expanse of surface area covered by the tattoo that you desire to be removed. Usually, it would take only about 10 minutes for a tattoo that’s as small as 2cm2, and for a half sleeve of tattoo, a least half an hour would be needed for the treatment.

How many sessions are usually prescribed for a full tattoo removal?

To remove a tattoo (delete ‘completely’) via laser, you will be prescribed with 5-15 treatment sessions. Still depending on the size of the tattoo that you want removed, sometimes more sessions are needed for some clients, especially when different types of ink are involved. 

The density of the ink, the area where it is deposited, and the colors are all needed to be considered during the treatment. Our Melbourne tattoo removal clinic only use the latest yet most effective and safest technology, techniques, and equipment in order to get rid of the tiniest particle of ink from your skin. Tattoo removal sessions are generally will be spaced 4-8 weeks in between in treatment.

Tattoo removal Melbourne Prices

The main factors that go into tattoo removal prices are the general size of the tattoo. Also the other main considerations are the colors used in the tattoo which will effect the number of sessions that will be needed. You can read more about this in out tattoo removal prices page.

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